Mission and Vision

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Prana Health Yoga & Training opened in 2005, today the longest standing Yoga Center of Aruba

Founder and dear friend Ellen Buermans, now residing in Holland, had the mission and vision to create a haven where teachers and therapist can offer their health services to the entire community.  As well as offering trainings to the community  in the field of  yoga , bodywork and healing arts.  Today, Prana continues to host yoga classes for the entire community in cooperation with certified local teachers and offers regular trainings with qualified teachers both local and abroad.
Prana is located in a quiet neighborhood. The old style house with flowery garden is charming and has a timeless, serene feel to it.
Located just a few minutes away from the airport, beach and downtown with several restaurants and places to stay nearby.
Prana is frequently used for workshops and seminars and has a guestroom for teachers hosting Yoga Weekends and Trainings.
Contact us if you want to offer a training or are inspired to create a unique working space for yourself.

” It is possible to live perfectly on earth if one is able to work and love – to work for what one loves and to love what one is working at. ”
Swami Rama