What is Yoga?

Yoga Classes

All bodies, minds and hearts are unique. Therefore choosing a class that meets your needs is important. If you have particular issues or specific needs call us for an Intake appointment so we may guide and serve you better.

Gentle Morning Yoga – Leontine
This morning class is aimed at awakening de body and spirit through soft physical and breathing exercises. To make space in the body and breath for the new day.
We consciously observe the mind to determine the focus and direction of the day. Therefore it is important that we learn to center ourselves and feel
grounded in our physical body. Exercises derived from different yogastyles and forms of bodywork are used. The classes are always tailored to the needs and capacity of the group. Suitable for 55 plus. Walk In

Quantum Yoga – Ellen  (given as a  6 week workshop)

This class is recommended, special for people who want to expand their Body Mind & Soul Awareness Effortlessly with joy. Treat yourself every Monday as inspiration and starter of the week.

Class includes : Integral Body Activation in combination with Body Mind Balance Techniques & insights. Yoga & Meditation, Grounding & Breathing techniques, Self-Scan & Healing Techniques, DNA Activation, powerful stretches &  relaxation .

Yoga Nidra & Meditation – Leontine
This is an “unwind & rebalance” class. A perfect evening class to let go of your day and prepare for a restful night. An invitation to practice Self Care. A class of relaxing movements, breathing exercises and meditation including different forms of yoga nidra (sleeping meditation). Resulting in the present of awareness, the present of feeling alive and at home with oneself.

Slow Yoga – Shanti
In this gentle class our dimensions of feeling, thinking and being are consciously interwoven in gentle yoga asanas, breathing exercises and formal meditation practice.The pace and rhythm of the class is unhurried and a deeper awareness can unfold.  Suitable for those suffering form chronic stress, burn out & anxiety.

Yogakids – Shanti


Yogakids – Marcelle


Mom and Baby Class – Shanti


Prenatal Class – Shanti