Our body is sacred; it hosts all the wisdom, healing and power we need to cultivate a radiant Self, which in turn is a gift to the world ~ Shanti

Shanti, has been a yoga practitioner since she was 21. Attracted to the healing benefits of yoga she got certified in Hatha Yoga (Sattyananda lineage).  Her passion and deep love for children and nature led her to follow the life transforming Yogakids Teacher Training after which she began to teach yoga to children. When pregnant with her second child she underwent an intense self study phase. She incorporated her rich yoga experience and knowledge, along with the support and coaching of local professionals on the prenatal field into her daily practice. After almost 9  years her uniquely designed “Shanti Prenatal ” program is praised by many mothers and highly recommended local midwives and gynecologists.




When Leontine Merkies received her first yoga session over 25 years ago, she was immediately in love with the calming and healing effects of the practice. Since then she has continued to explore and enjoy the endless possibilities to grow on her personal path of yoga, next to her professional development as a psychologist, adviser and educator. She had long-term experience in different yoga styles and bodywork techniques (i.e. tai chi, dance, massage, acrobatics, touch for health) before starting her yoga teacher training. She certified in 2006 by Universal Holistic Health & Yoga Center Aruba and she continued to develop herself by home studies and courses on Aruba as well as in Europe. She has been trained in Dru yoga, Tibetan Kum Nye yoga, Chakra yoga and recently certified at Amitabha Yoga School (Holland) in Aplomb yoga.




Founder of  Prana  Health Yoga & Training in 2005, has been a certified yoga teacher for over 30 years. She still loves to teach.  During this period she has developed her own style in yoga, meditation  and  is co-designer of the Body Mind Balancing Training on Aruba. She is well known for her diversity and complementary teachings and body work.

In 2012 Ellen moved back to Holland where she studied  different Techniques of  the latest knowledge and science in holistic Healing at the Quantum Academy. Her vision is to share knowledge and tools so that we are able to remember how to activate our own unique possibilities of Self healing , potentials, and wellbeing.

Ellen recently moved back to Aruba and she is very thankful to be back.