Electro Muscle Stimulator | Integral Treatment with sound | Regenesis Healing™

Electro Muscle Stimulator 

No Time to go to the gym?

The Electro Muscle Simulator is for people who ant to lose weight easily and improves several health conditions.

20 minutes with our  pulse service is the same as 2 hours in

the gym. EMS training has been proven to achieve fast, sustainable results that boost your level of fitness from your first session reducing fat and developing muscle tissue at the same time.




Prana Integral Treatment with sound

This massage treatment is specially designed to connect Body Mind & Soul   through different techniques as Shiatsu, polarity massage.

Intent is to stimulate and create new prana energy flows in the body. It will increase the circulation in the whole body, many systems will be activated, connected and balanced.. Special music with sound bowls will guide your mind into a theta brainwave where healing and deep relaxation appears.

This Month Special: Afl.125, – 75 min.



Regenesis Healing™

Regenesis is a powerful, very focused form of energy healing. It brings soothing relief of physical and psychological distress. It requires no belief or conscious effort on your part.

Regenesis was developed by Robert Rasmussen, specifically to work with an energy known as blue dot energy.