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Shanti Prenatal Logo“It is an honor to guide expecting women through this amazing transformative phase in life. It’s a delight for me to provide the expecting moms with  peace and relief in their ever changing bodies and to guide them to enter their birth adventure calm and prepared . Pregnancy marks the beginning of an amazing transformational journey in a woman’s life. It’s a beautiful opportunity to create a deeper inner balance and health. Shanti’s Prenatal Program offers a complete and balanced program for your pregnancy, birth preparation and recovery after birth. gratitude and joy” 



Yoga is a way to help children learn long term tools for balance and well being.

In the classes yoga is used as a gateway to learning about their bodies, the nature and
world around in a fun, creative & playful way.


Birth implies a drastic change in the mom’s and baby’s body.

The mom and baby classes are designed to support mom in her physical recovery, as well to support the baby’s overall health through exercises and baby massage. The massage benefits for babies are numerous; research shows that massage improves immune system and strengthens the joints and muscles amongst others. Next to the physical benefits, massaging your baby improves your relationship and connection with your baby and helps alleviate depressive symptoms and reduce stress levels. Babies who are massaged regularly show better eating and sleeping patterns and cry less.