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Pregnancy marks the beginning of an amazing transformational journey in a woman’s life. It’s a beautiful opportunity to create a deeper inner balance and health. Shanti’s Prenatal Program offers a complete and balanced program for your pregnancy, birth preparation and recovery after birth.

In the Prenatal Class you learn:                                                          

  • Prenatal Yoga : movements and exercises to support your transforming body:
    breathing and relaxation techniques to focus and calm the mind
  • Pain Management techniques during labor : breathing techniques and movements
    to manage contractions effectiveley during different stages of labor
  • Breathing techniques for pushing : breathing techniques to push efficiently and
    exploration of different pushing positions

Additional Programs:

  • Lecture on the Prenatal, Birth and Baby Phase : This Osteopathy lecture provides you with eye opening information, regarding your pregnancy, birth and newborn care.  After this lecture you and your partner are equipped with top info to make wise choices regarding your prenatal health, birth preparation/place and understanding /responding more effectively to your baby’s needs.
  • Breastfeeding Solution & Conscious Parenting for Babies Workshop : A complete education on breastfeeding will provide you with the confidence and knowledge you need to breastfeed successfully and overcome obstacles with more ease. Understand your baby’s brain development and learn key tools to built a healthy relationship with your baby in support of their social and emotional development.
  • Hospital Visit: Familiarizing with the hospital environment is key to maintain your calm and focus.
    We visit the delivery room, examination room and baby evaluation room.
  • Coaching for partner/birthbuddy: Guidance is essential during labor and birth.
    In this additional class your partner/birthbuddy is trained how to help you and guide you throughout the different stages of labor & birth

You can start the classes in your 18th week.

Classes are held on Monday (English) 6.15pm – 7.15pm,
Tuesday ( Papiamento) 6.15 – 7.15 pm
Wednesday (Dutch) 6.15pm – 7.15pm

To register for the class call for an Intake appointment at 661-8133

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